The Big Reveal: Top States for Home Purchases in Sarasota

In our last blog post, we announced that we completed our annual research into which states produced Sarasota's new homeowners in 2013. We revealed that New York had taken the top spot, with 13.6 % of Sarasota County home purchases by out-of-state buyers in 2013. Then we challenged you to guess which four states would round out the top five. So are you ready to find out how you did?

A drumroll please!

After New York, the next four states whose residents purchased homes in Sarasota are:

- Ohio, 10% (552)
- Texas, 8.6% (478)
- Illinois, 8.1% (452)
- Michigan, 7.8% (435)

So, how did you do? Do you think there were there any surprises among the answers?

For anyone who has spent a warm, sunny winter in Sarasota, it is easy to see how weather can factor into the results, but seeing Texas with its milder climate in the top five hints that there are many other factors people consider when relocating to Florida's Cultural Coast. You can see our entire list of results below, and while they are weighted more toward northern states, the list represents a broad sampling of areas around the U.S., indicating that people choose Sarasota as a new home for a variety of reasons.

So what do you make of the results? Was it the sunshine and white beaches that appealed to our new residents? Or was it the unique cultural side of Sarasota, our excellent schools, or business opportunities? If you are a transplant, what appealed most to you about Sarasota and the Sunshine State? Please let us know what you think on our Facebook Page.

Sarasota County's 2013 Home Purchases by Out-of-State Buyers

New York 753
Ohio 552
Texas 478
Illinois 452
Michigan 435
Pennsylvania 395
New Jersey 370
Massachusetts 361
Indiana 266
California 245
Connecticut 202
Virginia 177
Wisconsin 149
Minnesota 137
New Hampshire 125
North Carolina 88
Colorado 87
South Carolina 81
Tennessee 70
Maine 66
Vermont 38
TOTAL 5527

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